We work with clients to build beautiful WordPress websites.

We build websites, we optimise websites for search engines, we develop new functionalities, we provide backups, we provide ongoing maintenance and we generate new content to help ensure that your website looks good and works as expected.

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Your website – made better

The chances are that you’ve been on a website today looking for something, or someone. If you have a story to tell, or a business to promote, then the chances are also strong that people have been looking for you – but have you been found?

If your website has been found, what impression has it given? Informative? Dull? Outdated? Helpful?

Great websites are not just a bonus for the modern business; they are a necessity. You want a website that looks good, and works well because who wants one but not the other?

We work with clients to build and manage WordPress websites. As the world’s leading content management system,  it offers incredible flexibility to produce sites that can get your message seen and your story told.

In addition to building your website, we’re here to help you make the most of your website – whether that’s helping you to understand new possibilities, provide maintenance or create content that helps your message be seen by a growing audience.

How we work


Every project begins with understanding your objectives. What do you want your website to do? What have you tried in the past that has or hasn’t worked – and what do you want to emulate from your competitors’ websites?


Taking the information we discovered during the delve stage, we’ll develop ideas as to what your website could look like and build out a sitemap that details the options.


Once you are confident that your sitemap lists all of your ideas and preferences we’ll begin to develop your new website.


Once we have your new website built we will make sure that it’s working across a range of devices and browsers or we can help in getting your new site set up with Google Analytics and Search Console.

Website Design Portfolio

See what we’ve been building recently – hover over an image to see more

A&I Quality Butchers

A&I are an award winning butchers business in Inverness who were looking for a new website.

In addition to their site build, we also developed all of their content, in text, graphics and photos.

We’ve recently added some new functionality into the site to enable orders to be placed online – this has been particularly useful and well received during the Covid era.

Bairds Malt

We built a new WordPress website for Bairds Malt that replaced an existing static website and provides a foundation for the business to modify and adapt new content on an ongoing basis.

As well as introducing new pages of content and providing more of a focus on Bairds products, we’re also helping to maintain the website and develop new content to attract a growing audience.

Culloden Baptist Church

Culloden Balloch Baptist Church were looking to overhaul their existing website to provide up to date information in a clear and concise way to their congregation.

The website also features a range of information pulled in from 3rd party streams, such as Facebook and Youtube for the church livestream.

Human Nature Notes

Human Nature Notes is a website developed for Penelope Hamilton, a writer based in the Scottish Highlands.

The site was designed to be colourful, and makes use of the Divi Theme builder which provides different templates that power different elements of the website that Penelope is now able to update herself.

our approach to website design

Websites that Look good

We believe websites should look good, and work well. As part of every initial development phase of a new or updated website, Tentmaker Creative will help you refine or develop your brand identity.

Websites that Work well

Nobody likes a website that is overly difficult to use. We’ll help you consider the best way to lay out your information to tell your message as clearly as possible and get your site set up to respond to a variety of devices and screen sizes.


We help clients consider what it is their website should be doing – and how to keep it fresh as time goes on. Our maintenance packages also cover essential updates and backups of your site.

Frequently asked questions

The internet is a busy place, and as it constantly evolves, it can be hard to keep up. We’re here to help – if your question isn’t answered below, get in touch.
What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system for websites. It can be best described as being a bit like Lego: you can build what you like to do what you need, you just need to find the pieces and a way to fit them together.

We don't like our current site - can you help?

Yes – an essential part of each website redesign or new build is establishing what you are trying to achieve. We’ll help you establish what you like about other websites or what hasn’t worked for you in the past.

Can't I just build a free website?
You can – but you shouldn’t.

A succesful website is about a combination of factors – great content, design, strategy – and partnership with your other marketing efforts.

All sites that we build are also designed to be as fast as possible, and optimised for search engines – a crucial part of modern websites.

Can you optimise our site for Google?

All sites that we develop are built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind and are developed to rank organically in search engines such as Google.

A keyword/phrase strategy will usually be worked through with a client at the beginning of a new project, and we are also happy to offer an SEO advisory service to new clients with pre existing sites who are looking to improve their Google ranking.

What is content?
Content are the building blocks that make up your site. Text, photos, visuals – it can be pretty much whatever you would like it to be, depending on what your website requires.
How much will a site cost?
As with most projects where a build is required, the costs will vary substantially. Current website development costs for a new website start from £1,000. A website review of an existing site costs from £295.
Can you fix our current website?

Possibly – we’ll certainly be happy to take a look. We offer a website review service at a cost of £295. That covers a range of suggested improvements to an exisiting site, in addition to providing a backup of your current site, should the hosting be accessible.

Depending on the current condition of your website, we will either advise how to develop the existing infrastructure, or how to look at developing a new website.

Can you sort out our hosting, domain and e-mails?

Domains, hosting and e-mail support are included in each new web project. We’ll take the time to explain each of the services and which solution would best suit your needs.

Should you be looking to transfer your services from one domain or hosting package to another, we’ll also be happy to advise.

Do you only work with clients in Inverness?

No, we work with a range of clients, in a range of places. It’s all part of the creative process.

Although we are based in Inverness we have clients throughout Scotland, and a little further afield.

If you think we might be a good fit – get in touch!

  • We have worked with Tentmaker since 2016 on a number of different marketing projects.

    Roddy has worked immensely hard over this time to ensure our brand is reflective of the quality malts that we produce. His thorough creative practice guarantees we’re happy with the final outcome of each project and that the result is reflective of its original goal.

    Roddy always walks you through his thought processes to make the most of the collaborative nature of marketing and for that we couldn’t be more appreciative of his work. We're also grateful that Roddy has always been able to connect us with a range of other creatives where a project needs it, it allows Tentmaker to be a one-stop shop for our marketing support.

  • My website has been an incredibly useful tool for my tutoring and proofreading service. It has been designed to capture the heart behind the business and communicate my desire to work alongside those for whom English is a challenge.

    A top Google ranking has led to a constant stream of enquiries all year round, ensuring that I always have a waiting list - a good problem to have!

    Fiona Mackay | Highland Tutor