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we do what we do, so you don’t have to.

Every story starts at the beginning. But knowing where to start and what comes next can be difficult, especially when there is so much to say and too many places to say it.

At Tentmaker Creative, our aim is to help you identify the different parts of your story and help you find the best platform to communicate your message to the right audience.

We work to deliver ideas while developing the content to help you communicate those ideas; we call it ‘Concept and Creation, in Print and Online’. We work across a range of platforms, utilising a range of skills and where a project requires, we’ll also recommend a range of other creatives that can help.

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Digital Dilution

Modern marketing is rarely about managing one thing well. Where a single advert in the local Yellow Pages may have sufficed a few years ago, the digital world has brought with it a range of channels that need to be managed and updated on a regular basis. While this has undoubtedly brought many challenges, the opportunities to those who are prepared to invest are also much greater with a much larger audience to engage with.


A fresh pair of eyes

Being close to your story often makes it difficult to know what it is that you’re trying to say. What might seem obvious to you is often unknown to those you’re trying to communicate with. We aim to be a fresh pair of eyes, helping to identify what could be done better – and how.


Delve, Develop, Design, Deploy

While the temptation is always to jump straight into delivering a final project, we would always encourage clients to work through a process that we call Delve, Develop, Design and Deploy. It allows us to take a wider view of what works and doesn’t work – and ensure a higher success rate for your end project.

We believe that the most successful stories are those that can find the widest audience, so rather than focusing on individual elements, we’ll aim to repurpose your content to help your story go further, and the bigger picture to be told.

Marketing in a digital age can often feel like a never ending list of jobs to do, we’re here to do what we do, so you don’t have to.

What we do

We partner with clients to help you develop concepts and bring those ideas to life in print and online.

Modern marketing requires a large range of skills to help make the most of your story. We’re here to help.

We Brand

We Create content

We design for print

We develop websites

We  Maintain websites

We update websites

We design and develop graphics

We produce videos

We write copy

We Proofread

We work with social media

we provide art direction

  • We have worked with Tentmaker since 2016 on a number of different marketing projects.

    Roddy has worked immensely hard over this time to ensure our brand is reflective of the quality malts that we produce. His thorough creative practice guarantees we’re happy with the final outcome of each project and that the result is reflective of its original goal.

    Roddy always walks you through his thought processes to make the most of the collaborative nature of marketing and for that we couldn’t be more appreciative of his work. We're also grateful that Roddy has always been able to connect us with a range of other creatives where a project needs it, it allows Tentmaker to be a one-stop shop for our marketing support.

  • My website has been an incredibly useful tool for my tutoring and proofreading service. It has been designed to capture the heart behind the business and communicate my desire to work alongside those for whom English is a challenge.

    A top Google ranking has led to a constant stream of enquiries all year round, ensuring that I always have a waiting list - a good problem to have!

    Fiona Mackay | Highland Tutor