We believe that the church has the most important story to tell, so we want to help you tell it well.

We want to help the church make more of its message

The mission of the church to go and make disciples of all nations is not new – but in a fast-paced, ever-changing world, it can seem like a task that is becoming continually more difficult. As technology evolves at a rapid pace, the world around us seems to get more and more complex.

How do churches respond without being left behind? We believe that communications and media have a key role to play in helping the church understand its story, and in telling it out ‘to all nations’.

As technology breaks down borders and barriers, we want to see the church embrace the challenge of being at the forefront in going out and telling the story.

We work across a range of disciplines to help churches define their communications needs, followed up by creating digital media pieces such as websites, social media channels and other designed elements to help with that task.

Building the bigger picture

Many churches have a website or social media channel because it’s the done thing to do. By helping you determine who your audiences are (or aren’t), we aim to help you develop resources that don’t just look good but also work well and serve a clear purpose.

We want to help churches see the bigger picture. We know you’re busy, and we know your struggling for resources – but we believe that the church has the most important story to tell, and we want you to do it well.

There’s more that can be said about that – but it’s probably best said over a coffee.

Website solutions developed for churches

We work with churches to help provide simple solutions to your website and digital communications needs.

We know that not all churches have tech people on hand to help update or maintain a website – our templates are designed to solve that problem, with minimal maintenance required.

Our mid range templates provide a little more flexibility for churches who want a little more content and support in their site. Our modular system of building offers a cost effective way of having a site that both looks good and works well.

We also work with clients who are looking for a unique custom build for their communications needs – we can help in developing your church visual identity, your communications strategy and each of the individual elements associated.

Features of our church website templates

Backups as standard

Each of our sites come with multiple backups as standard for extra peace of mind.

Pre Loaded Content

Provided with preloaded template content to give your project a headstart.

Fully Responsive

Mobile ready as standard – websites that adapt to users screen sizes.

Tentmaker Training

We work with churches to help them understand how to use a website well.

Website Design Portfolio

See what we’ve been building recently – hover over an image to see more

A&I Quality Butchers

A&I are an award winning butchers business in Inverness who were looking for a new website.

In addition to their site build, we also developed all of their content, in text, graphics and photos.

We’ve recently added some new functionality into the site to enable orders to be placed online – this has been particularly useful and well received during the Covid era.

Bairds Malt

We built a new WordPress website for Bairds Malt that replaced an existing static website and provides a foundation for the business to modify and adapt new content on an ongoing basis.

As well as introducing new pages of content and providing more of a focus on Bairds products, we’re also helping to maintain the website and develop new content to attract a growing audience.

Culloden Baptist Church

Culloden Balloch Baptist Church were looking to overhaul their existing website to provide up to date information in a clear and concise way to their congregation.

The website also features a range of information pulled in from 3rd party streams, such as Facebook and Youtube for the church livestream.

Human Nature Notes

Human Nature Notes is a website developed for Penelope Hamilton, a writer based in the Scottish Highlands.

The site was designed to be colourful, and makes use of the Divi Theme builder which provides different templates that power different elements of the website that Penelope is now able to update herself.


Frequently asked questions

The internet is a busy place, and as it constantly evolves, it can be hard to keep up. We’re here to help – if your question isn’t answered below, get in touch.
Who is Tentmaker Creative?

Tentmaker is run by Roddy Mackay, a creative freelancer with 15 years’ experience of working in creative communications.

Over the last ten years especially, we’ve seen how the digital revolution has led to opportunities for some clients, and confusion for others.

We believe that effective communications are all about making your resources work together, and supporting one another. While key assets such as a strong website, great writing or outstanding visuals are valuable – they are more effective when working in tandem.

We build websites that look good, and work well – because who wants one and not the other? We also support clients in seeing the bigger picture, working with social media, brand identity, marketing, design and visuals.

We work with churches and mission organisations where we can, because we believe they have the most important story to tell.

We don't like our current website - can you help?

sdAn essential part of each website redesign or new build is establishing what you are trying to achieve. What do you like about other peoples websites or what hasn’t worked for you in the past.

We’d be happy to take a look at your existing setup and explain what we can do to make improvements, or take a look at a new build.

Can't I just build a free website?
In modern digital communications it seems that everything is possible, but not everything is beneficial.

Free websites can be a great resource for the church – but we believe we can do better.

We provide a range of template or custom designed sites for church clients that don’t just provide great websites – but we also work with you to determine a process to help you identify your communications objectives, and how to meet them.

Can you optimise our site for Google?

All sites that we develop are built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind and are developed to rank organically in search engines such as Google.

A keyword/phrase strategy will usually be worked through with a client at the beginning of a new project, while we are also happy to offer an SEO advisory service to new clients with pre existing sites who are looking to improve their Google ranking, we normally only undertake SEO projects for websites that we have designed and developed.

What do you mean by content?
Content is the building blocks that make up your website and your other communications resources. Text, photos, visuals – it’s all the different pieces that feature in your communications projects.
How much will a website cost?
As with most projects where a build is required, the costs will vary substantially. Current website development costs for a new custom website start from £1,000.

We have a range of ready made templates, pre designed especially for churches to help ensure that every church has a basic, but good quality website. Template costs for websites start from £495.

As the Tentmaker Creative name hopefully suggests – we have a vision to use our pracitcal gifts to benefit the church – if you are part of a new church plant, or if you know someone who is, we’d like to talk with you about how we can gift you a new website.

Can you fix our current website?

Possibly – we’ll certainly be happy to take a look. We offer a website review service at a cost of £295. That covers a range of suggested improvements to an existing site, in addition to providing a backup of your current site, should the hosting be accessible.

Depending on the current condition of your website, we will either advise how to develop the existing infrastructure, or how to look at developing a new website.

Can you sort out our hosting, domain and e-mails?

Domains, hosting and e-mail support are included in each new web project. We’ll take the time to explain each of the services and which solution would best suit your needs.

Should you be looking to transfer your services from one domain or hosting package to another, we’ll also be happy to advise.

Do you only work with clients in Inverness?

No, we work with a range of clients, in a range of places. It’s all part of the creative process.

Although we are based in Inverness, we have clients throughout Scotland, and overseas.

If you think we might be a good fit – get in touch!

We need some help in design of printed items, can you help with that?

Absolutely – we’d be happy to help.

We also work with a range of other freelancers to help develop a range of high quality resources – if we can’t help, we’ll find you someone who can.

How can we help you?

If you’re ready to start your project we’d be happy to help. Get in touch via the form below.