Culloden Balloch Baptist Church

Media: Graphics/Web Design/Web Optimisation

Client: Culloden Balloch Baptist Church

Culloden Balloch Baptist Church were looking to update their website, having had an existing WordPress website that had been managed by different volunteers over the last few years.

We worked with CBBC to help them identify the key needs of their website, and to develop content that was up to date and manageable on an ongoing basis. In addition to adding new pages and functionality to the website we also stripped back a lot of older content that was no longer relevant, removing older plugins and themes that were no longer being maintained and had the potential to be a security risk to the website.

We’ve since developed a customised dashboard into the website to allow church staff to log in and post content to the website, while also providing a range of videos and written help guides to help website administrators to better understand the interface of the website.

As an ongoing maintenance client of Tentmaker, we also help the church to develop its understanding of continually evolving tech that can be used to make the website a more useful and interactive tool for current and future visitors.

a screenshot of the culloden baptist church website
  • Tentmaker have produced, and now manage for us, at Culloden-Balloch Baptist Church, a polished looking website. Roddy encouraged us to create branding for the site so it represents who we are and what we want to communicate. This personalisation is something that’s really important to him and now it’s up and running he continues to offer ideas and suggestions as our needs and opportunities change and develop. Features such as social media plugins mean we can easily keep the site both active and current and with our management package Roddy is on hand to deal with any issues that occur. We just need to pick up the phone or drop him a message for a prompt reply - we find it so valuable having this continued support. Thank you Roddy!

    Gillian Ferguson | Culloden Baptist Church

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