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We’ve worked with Bairds Malt over the last 4 years to help revive and develop their brand identity while developing a wide range of assets to help with their ongoing marketing efforts.

Following an initial commission to capture some photographs for Bairds Malt, we were tasked with helping develop a brand identity for a range of new malts that were due to be launched into the US market. As part of the discovery process to help determine the identity of the business, we realised that the brand identity of the business wasn’t as developed as Bairds would have liked it to be. Tentmaker were tasked with undertaking a brand refinement of the whole business – helping to identify a range of resources that would help to support the new brand identity of the business to both employees and customers.

Over the last few years we’ve developed new resources for Bairds to use, with some elements being requested by Bairds, and other project elements being suggested by Tentmaker as being useful resources to help prepare and equip the business for future marketing and communication opportunities.

  • We have worked with Tentmaker since 2016 on a number of different marketing projects.

    Roddy has worked immensely hard over this time to ensure our brand is reflective of the quality malts that we produce. His thorough creative practice guarantees we’re happy with the final outcome of each project and that the result is reflective of its original goal.

    Roddy always walks you through his thought processes to make the most of the collaborative nature of marketing and for that we couldn’t be more appreciative of his work. We're also grateful that Roddy has always been able to connect us with a range of other creatives where a project needs it, it allows Tentmaker to be a one-stop shop for our marketing support.

  • My website has been an incredibly useful tool for my tutoring and proofreading service. It has been designed to capture the heart behind the business and communicate my desire to work alongside those for whom English is a challenge.

    A top Google ranking has led to a constant stream of enquiries all year round, ensuring that I always have a waiting list - a good problem to have!

    Fiona Mackay | Highland Tutor

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