Wondering by Wandering

Jun 18, 2017

I never thought of myself as much of a traveller. I had friends who were clearly determined to be anywhere but where they actually were, but I always thought of myself as being tied to home.

That’s not the way things have worked out in my working life however, photography has opened doors to places I never knew existed, and has put me in more trains, planes and automobiles than I could have imagined.

And travelling has taught me a lot too.

Everyone should do it, if you can. There is no doubt that travel broadens the mind, and the skillset. I have more insight into people and places than staying at home could ever have given me, and as much as it sounds like a cliche, it has taught me a lot more about myself.

As I grow older, I’ve realised that growing up in Scotland I was happiest playing in the fields behind our garden, while I was only 20 metres from the house, I could have been a million miles away in my imagination.

That’s what I enjoy the most now when I travel, knowing that wandering to new places helps me to wonder, and wondering is often where the best journeys begin.

About the Author | Roddy Mackay
Tentmaker Creative is a small communications consultancy run by Roddy Mackay, a creative with 15 years’ experience of working with a variety of clients in a range of places to help them tell their stories well. Roddy’s work is split between running Tentmaker Creative and as a freelance photographer, where he shoots a combination of travel, weddings and commercial projects. As Tentmaker Creative, Roddy works with a range of other creatives to help clients think through a bigger picture – and to create content and strategies that help you engage your audience more effectively.

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