Done is Better Than Perfect

Apr 12, 2017

As someone who lives and breaths visuals, I find it frustrating when things don’t look as good as they could.

I’m also a big believer that your biggest strengths can also be your biggest weaknesses, which is where the problem of perfection comes in.

While I would always advocate getting a website looking and functioning well, I also know that getting 100% of what you had in mind done, is easier to say that it is to do.

One of the biggest challenges I see clients grapple with in their website development is the problem of getting content together. I know you want to tweak, tweak and tweak again but remember that your audience can’t find you if you aren’t speaking.

Get your site up and online, and tweak from there. WordPress is an incredible content management system, and utilising it well will help you to make the most of your website on an ongoing regular basis.

If your website plans are stuck in a rut, get in touch. I’d love to help you.

About the Author | Roddy Mackay
Tentmaker Creative is a small communications consultancy run by Roddy Mackay, a creative with 15 years’ experience of working with a variety of clients in a range of places to help them tell their stories well. Roddy’s work is split between running Tentmaker Creative and as a freelance photographer, where he shoots a combination of travel, weddings and commercial projects. As Tentmaker Creative, Roddy works with a range of other creatives to help clients think through a bigger picture – and to create content and strategies that help you engage your audience more effectively.

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